Meet ANSTO's environmental scientists


At ANSTO’s Institute for Environmental Research, scientists are focussed on understanding our environment and the impact that humans are having on the world around us. Meet the environmental scientists involved in the ANSTO Plastics Project below, and learn more about ANSTO's environmental work.


Meet the research team

Jennifer Lavers
Dr Jennifer Lavers
Ms Sayaka Uematsu
Prof Richard Banati
nick howell5
Dr Nick Howell
Debashish Mazumder_profile
Dr Debashish Mazumder
Attila profile
Mr Attila Stopic
Connie profile
Connie Banos
John Bennett
Dr John Bennett
ljiljana pusker5
Dr Ljiljana Puskar
david paterson5
Dr David Paterson
martin de jonge5
Dr Martin de Jonge
james simon5
Dr Simon James
kathryn spiers5
Dr Kathryn Spiers
daryl howard5
Dr Daryl Howard
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