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Competition winner announced

Exciting announcement today

We are very pleased to announce that Christine Johnson from Kurnell has been selected as the winner of the ANSTO Plastics Project research trip to Fiji.  Christine has done an amazing job collecting over 4175 pieces of plastic in total, spending around 18 hours collecting samples. She went as far as logging reports from Hawaii and Vanuatu while on holiday. Congratulations Christine, you are an exceptional citizen scientist!
A very big thank you to Christine and everyone else who participated by becoming an ANSTO citizen scientist. You’re part of a committed team of more than 450 citizen scientists from across the Sutherland Shire who collected and logged over 20,000 pieces of plastic. Your involvement in this research provided us with local data to help us identify hot spots and build a better understanding of the potential impacts of plastic at the atomic level–particularly on marine life. Thank you for supporting our research. 

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Welcome from Professor Richard Banati

Welcome to the ANSTO Plastics Project! We're very excited that you have joined us as citizen scientists, and we're looking forward to your contribution about the types of plastics litter you find in our local waterways and beaches. 


ANSTO supports researchers at a number of institutions in their quest to find out what happens to plastic litter at the atomic level – this is after plastics have broken down into such tiny pieces they are invisible to the eye. What happens to these invisible plastics and how do they effect the local eco-system and marine wildlife?


It is important that we start tracing the movement of the atomic elements that  make up plastics travel through the environment and eventually enter the food chain.  If we can  trace degrading plastics through the ecosystem, we can account for the life cycle of plastics and decide on the most sustainable solutions:  Trace- account –sustain.


You can learn more about our work on the ANSTO website. Thank you for being part of our project!

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Join the ANSTO Plastics Project

Sign up now and become an ANSTO citizen scientist! Help our scientists with their research into plastic litter in the marine environment by collecting, classifying and logging data about plastics at local beaches and waterways.

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Watch Professor Banati at TEDxSydney 2014

Last year, ANSTO's Professor Richard Banati gave an excellent talk at TEDX on the perils of plastic litter. You can watch his talk now on youTube - Welcome to the age of the Plasti-sea

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Win a research trip to Fiji

Use instagram to post photos and videos of yourself collecting plastics and share your thoughts on why you’re collecting plastics, what you’ve learned, what you like about being a citizen scientist and how we can reduce plastic litter. There'll be spot prizes during the project, and one lucky citizen scientist will win a research trip to Fiji to see the Ocean Ambassadors initiative that is turning plastic litter into fuel.